Reunification Intervention for Families Impacted by
High-conflict Divorce, Parental Alienation & Familial Abduction

Stable Paths is an interdisciplinary, educational, experiential, equine and dolphin-assisted intensive therapeutic reunification intervention for families impacted by separation resulting from high-conflict divorce, parental alienation, and familial abduction.

The team-based Family Intensive Workshops provide a cocoon where families are supported to create a non-blaming collaborative approach to resolving conflict and to overcoming the obstacles to restoring previous, loving relationships. In doing so, families develop deeper compassion and the communications skills necessary to find common ground to therapeutically reunify and maintain meaningful contact sustained post-Workshop by a sound aftercare plan.

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What We Do

Quite simply, we give parents and children the tools they need to positively re-connect with one another in a tranquil and private, yet beautiful setting. By engaging in experiential activities such as horse exercises, swimming with Dolphins, recreational sports, games, and cooking meals together, families create new memories and re-establish existing bonds and attachments. Our goal is to assist families in working diligently to overcome the objections, obstacles, and fear to restoring their fractured bonds while developing a skill set to communicate authentically with an appreciation for a more balanced perspective of their family moving forward.

About Us

Stable Paths Sponsors AFCC 54th Annual Conference

Stable Paths is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the AFCC 54th Annual Conference, “Turning the Kaleidoscope of Family Conflict into a Prism of Harmony” May 31-June 3, 2017 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA.

Family law-related conflict arises at many levels, including debates over legislative and policy initiatives, disputed research findings, professional practice disagreements, and most importantly, conflict between family members related to parenting time, child support, and parenting during and after separation and divorce. Although prisms of harmony will not always prevail, it is incumbent upon us to search for collaborative and effective means of resolving these conflicts.

Join AFCC in Boston as we explore opportunities to resolve conflict—both our clients’ and our own!

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Stable Paths proudly partners with Island Dolphin Care, the JAYC Foundation, Transitioning Families in Sonoma, Ca., and Safari Edventure.

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